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Bracelet Makers - Australia

Step 1

Join the Facebook Group (if you are able): 

Pink and Blue Awareness Project 2020 Volunteers - Australia


submit the name of you baby(ies) you want honored here by JULY 22, 2020.

Step 2

Purchase supplies:

Aunt Lydia's Crochet Thread Classic Size 10 in FRENCH ROSE and OCEAN

(one roll of each color)

These can be found at other stores but I have found the best deals at Michaels, Joanne's and Walmart.  Amazon also is a good option!

This will make approximately 100 bracelets.  Please note that you will have leftover French Rose since this has more thread than Ocean.

Step 3

Watch the video on how to make bracelets here.

Please also pay attention to how tight to make the bracelet.  Bracelets that are not tight enough unfortunately are unusable. 

Add a subheading.png

Step 4

Writing the following two thing on an index card or piece of paper:

  1. total number of bracelets in each bag

  2. your name

Include this card with your package.  You may also write this information directly on the bag instead.

Please ship all bracelets you make and ask your family and friends to do the same.  We will open bracelet orders to our AMAZING volunteers first!  This way, you will receive all literature included in each shipment.

Step 5

Ship or deliver (locals) by AUGUST 14, 2020.

Non locals can ship to:


Locals can coordinate pickup/delivery with:


Baby Memorial Names

If you are a volunteer for the Pink and Blue Awareness Project 2020, you are eligible to submit the name of a baby (or babies if you have had multiple losses) to be honored if you wish.  All baby names submitted will be complied into a list - this list will be included in every bracelet shipment that is sent out. It is a special and unique way to honor your baby(ies), and it is only for those who volunteer!

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