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Providing comfort to grieving mothers


The Cooper Project provides handmade necklaces to mothers who have lost a child through miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss. Currently we are supporting the area hospitals in Rochester, NY. Moms who receive a Cooper Project during their hospital stay are eligible to contact me immediately for a free necklace. Occasionally, I allow moms who are not local to order a free necklace. When that happens, I announce the date several weeks in advance so everyone gets a fair shot to get one. The date is sent to my email subscribers, posted on the countdown in my website, as well as posted on Facebook and Instagram. 

Total necklaces donated to date:

Bracelets ordered so far in 2019!

Bracelets will ship by mid September. 


My name is Jen, and I am the owner of The Cooper Project! The Cooper Project was created after I lost my son Cooper, just a few short days before his due date in June 2016. I was devastated, but wearing my sons name or initials helped bring a small bit of comfort. I needed something to take my mind off of things, so I decided to make myself a "Cooper" necklace. Turns out crafting AND getting to hit metal with a hammer is quite therapeutic when dealing with grief. Making necklaces quickly became my passion, and The Cooper Project exists solely to provide a free necklace to moms who lose their babies. The Cooper Project runs entirely on donations.  Because of this, I started The Cooper Project Etsy shop to offset some of the cost of sending out free necklaces every month. So when you purchase from my Etsy shop, a percentage of those sales goes towards providing these free necklaces. 

The Cooper Project also started a large awareness event for the month of October, which is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. It's called the Pink and Blue Awareness Project- pink and blue bracelets are given out for free and worn the entire month of October. By wearing a bracelet, it helps raise awareness, and start meaningful conversations about the 1 in 4 women who have suffered a loss. We strongly believe that awareness and education can help more moms bring home a healthy baby, and reduce the number of pregnancy losses. This is our main goal. This year, the goal is to give out at least 10,000 bracelets across the US. 




  1. Orders will open based on my availability and funds. I will announce the order date when it becomes available, and I will announce it for at least two weeks in advance. You can join the mailing list above if you wish to get an email when the date will be. If you do not see a date listed, it is because the next date hasn't been announced yet, hang tight, it will be soon. 

  2. Once the necklace has been added to my Esty shop, I will take orders on a first come, first serve basis.  Each necklace will cost $6 due to cover the cost of shipping, handling and fees.

  3. We will only take a certain amount of orders (this number is subject to change on a monthly basis) 

  4. The only exception to this rule will be for loss moms who personally receive my information from a local hospital in Rochester, NY. Mothers located in Rochester, NY will be able to order anytime.

  5. Necklaces can ONLY be requested by the loss moms themselves. Any well meaning friends or family are always welcome to purchase a regular priced necklace for their loved one in my Etsy shop.  I donate a portion of every item back to The Cooper Project donation program.

  6. I encourage everyone to like the Facebook and Instagram page to keep up to date with announcements


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