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Pink and Blue Awareness Project Volunteers

Becoming a Volunteer

Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a volunteer for the 2023 Pink and Blue Awareness Project!  Without people like you, this project would not exist.  Please complete a volunteer application linked below to apply!  Please note that we are only able to accept volunteers in the United States at this time.

Volunteer Information


Individuals who are willing to make and ship bracelets.  You decide how many bracelets you would like to ship and how much time you can commit to the project.


Individuals who will receive project supplies (bracelets, envelopes, address labels, stamps) then stuff envelopes and mail them at their local post office. A larger time commitment would be necessary for this position. A shipping coordinator may also recruit a team to help with this process. 


On the local level (Rochester, NY), we will also need a few individuals to collect bracelets or be a drop off location for local bracelet makers.

Shipping Coordinators (1).png

Organizations who would like to make and/or ship bracelets as a service project or at an event.  Duties are the same as Bracelet Makers or Shipping Coordinators only we ask that there be one lead coordinator who is responsible for your organization.


Individuals who want to get the word out about the Pink and Blue Awareness Project!! 

Sharing about the project, promoting it, and getting others involved are all key. 

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