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The Pink and Blue Awareness Project is a 100% volunteer run project that makes and donates bracelets to be worn in October for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.

We wear these bracelets beginning in October to raise awareness and to honor the thousands of babies lost to pregnancy and infant loss every year.  One in four women suffer pregnancy and infant loss, often in silence.  Wearing this bracelet shows your support for these families.

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Silicone Bracelets

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Medical facilities

If you are affiliated with a medical facility (hospital, medical office, etc.), order your display here!

organizations and events

If you would like a bracelet display for your business or for an event you are hosting, order here!

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pink and blue Apparel

Order Pink and Blue apparel from one of our partner organizations.

Pink and blue mugs

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Personalized memorial items

We have personalized necklaces, mugs and more!



The Pink and Blue Awareness Project would not be possible without our sponsors.  Visit the link below to see all of the amazing organizations and individuals who support our project!



This year, we wanted to highlight a few select organizations and causes who are making a huge impact in the area of pregnancy and infant loss.



The Pink and Blue Awareness Project would not be possible without all of our incredible volunteers!  The positions we currently are filling can be found on our volunteer page by clicking the link below.  Thank you in advance for your consideration making this project a huge success!



The Pink and Blue Awareness Project started in Rochester, NY in October 2017 by Jen Chappell, owner of The Cooper Project.  She began by making only a few bracelets asked her family and friends wear them during the month of October to honor her son, Cooper, and all of the other babies who sadly did not survive.  These few bracelets turned into over 400 bracelets.  As the word spread, more and more people wanted a bracelet and some even began to make and give away bracelets themselves.

In 2018, the awareness project grew even bigger. With the help of many amazing people who are also passionate about the cause, we sent over 3,400 bracelets.

In 2019, the Pink and Blue Awareness Project exploded!  Volunteers from all across the country made and donated bracelets.  The goal was to send out over 10,00 bracelets and we doubled that!  The bracelets were shipped out of Rochester, NY to over 20,100 individuals across the United States!

In 2020, the Pink and Blue Awareness project shipped out over 24,400 bracelets!  We honored over 230 babies and had over 250 volunteers.  Bracelets were sent to every single state across this US this year for the first year ever!  We also donated to 47 businesses and charities and 41 medical practices/hospitals.  

In 2021, its no surprise that we sent out even more bracelets than ever before- over 35,000 total!  We could not have done this without the help of 490 volunteers.  We also honored 385 babies this year.


In 2022, with the help of 400 volunteers, we were able to send out almost 34,000 bracelets total!  We also sent bracelts to 75 organizations and medical facilities.  We honored 345 babies this year.

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Please visit our FAQ page for the answers to the most frequently asked questions.


In 1988, President Reagan proclaimed the month of October as National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.  One our of every four women suffer from either a miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss.  During October especially, we stand by these families to show them they are loved and supported.  This month we are dedicated to fighting against the taboo topic of pregnancy and infant loss.  We also encourage you to talk about organizations who support and prevent these losses.


The Cooper Project is an organization that makes and sells personalized items such as necklaces and mugs.  A portion of many of these sales are donated to fund a personalized necklace donation program for families who experience pregnancy and infant loss in Rochester, NY.  The Cooper Project is owned and operated by Jen Chappell. 

The Cooper Project always appreciates donations and recognizes that without donations, they would not exist.  100% of all donates goes towards the free necklace program (local) and the Pink and Blue Awareness Project (national).

To find out more about The Cooper Project, click here.

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