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Share Your Story Tuesday - Waylon and Madison

It all started in August of 2018.... the 19th to be exact.  I told my husband I was feeling nauseous but I assumed it was because I was fixing to start my menstrual cycle. Well, the end of the month came and I hadn't started so I told my husband jokingly let's go get a test but I'm sure I'm not pregnant. To my surprise I got a big clear positive. So the next day I called and scheduled our first appointment, everything is perfect and going great. I find out ITS A BOY at 16 weeks via ultrasound and then go to my primary ultrasound at 20 weeks for my anatomy scan. At that appointment, we heard something is wrong with our boy (but they wasnt 100% sure so they didnt go into much detail) so they sent us to a high risk maternal and fetal medical doctor for a more in-depth ultrasound. After speaking with the ultrasound tech while doing our ultrasound she says the doctor will be in to see us shortly. Doctors come in and speak with us to tell us our boy Waylon has IUGR but that everything will be okay. This restriction usually doesn't end in death.

Well, for us that wasn't the case. We went back in for another ultrasound on January 30th (I was 26 weeks but when he was born he was the size of a 20 week baby) and it was one of the most horrible days of our life because our ultrasound tech comes in and immediately goes out after putting the wand on me.. the doctor comes in to say "I'm so sorry but your boy has no heartbeat"... I go straight to the hospital and labor with him and he was bornstill at 8:20am on January 31st 2019. Waylon Edgar 💙

So fast forward to July 2019(the best birthday gift ever) I found out I'm pregnant with my Rainbow baby. Same thing, I make my appointment with the high risk doctor and everything is going great.. they kept an eye on Madison and her growth since Waylon had a growth restriction and it came around to be 10 weeks and they done blood work to tell me ITS A GIRL who we named Madison Grace.. 20 weeks came around and it was time to do the anatomy scan and she was perfect 💜 and doing so well.. growing like she should so we continue on with our routine checkups and Madison and I are fine until March 5th 2020(I was 32 weeks) I was in horrible pain and I told my husband I had thought it was where she had turned head down but felt like I was in labor so we call the hospital and tell them we are coming in to get checked and we get there... they check me and try to put the heartbeat monitor on my belly but couldn't find her heartrate so they bring in all sorts of doctors and the ultrasound machine.....and told me the words I dreaded hearing once again... "I'm so sorry your daughter has no heartbeat" so they take me back to prep me and doing test after test to tell me I had preeclampsia that was left untreated and an infection in my uterus (that attacked her taking her heartbeat and sent me into labor) Madison Grace was born still March 6th 2020 at 8:02pm.

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