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Important Updates to the Loss Mom Free Necklace Program

Hi everyone !!

I am so excited about what The Cooper Project has become. It started with making one necklace for myself for comfort, and has since turned into something much bigger.

Hundreds of necklaces have been donated. Thousands of awareness bracelets given out. Dozens of personal stories shared on my blog.

When I started this project, my hope was to partner with area hospitals and support loss moms there. I have done and will continue to do that. As it has always been in the past, local moms who receive my cards at area hospitals are immediately eligible for a free necklace.

The program then expanded to include all of the US, and as you know, every month I have been taking orders for loss moms to get their necklaces completely for free. I take anywhere from 25-50 orders per month.

The supplies, shipping, processing, and time it takes to make the necklaces has all been 100% free.

I have loved every minute of this! However, I have realized in the last few months that sadly, this program is not sustainable for me or my family.

That being said, I am keeping the free loss mom program, but I am changing the way it works.

Please read this in its entirety, and then if you have a question that isn’t covered feel free to ask.

1) I will NOT be opening the form for free necklaces every month on the 2nd. Instead, I will open the form whenever I can. That could mean once a month, it could mean once every other month. It could mean three times a month. It’s going to be based on my availability and funds.

2) I will post the date at least two weeks in advance, when the orders will open. I will post it on Facebook, Instagram, and my website. I am also working on a way for you to subscribe and get an email when the date is released.

3) Although the necklaces will remain free, there will now be a $6 charge for shipping, processing, and fees. The fee will be required at the time your order is placed.

4) All orders will now go through my Etsy shop. When the free necklaces are available, and I have posted for two weeks about it, I will create a $6 listing in my shop. I will have available the number I am able to make that month, and they will be first come first serve. When they are gone they are gone.

5) As always, If you are a local mom, who receives my card in your loss packet at a local hospital, you will still be able to contact me and order your necklace without the waiting period. Local moms will NOT have to pay the $6 processing and shipping fee.

My passion is still to get as many free necklaces to as many loss moms as possible. With this new system in place, it will streamline things and make the program more realistic for all parties involved. Thank you so much for your understanding!!

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