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Share Your Story Tuesday- Emma and Ivy

We learned we were pregnant right after thanksgiving in 2015. We were ecstatic until I started having some bleeding shortly after, which my ob sent me for blood work and an ultrasound. Blood work came back normal. And the ultrasound looked promising, but they had me come back Dec 23rd to make sure. That ultrasound made our christmas. We saw a little heartbeat, and the fetal pole. They were unsure why I bled, but we had hope. Everything was going great, and we measured right on track. Then April 2nd, 2016 came and the bleeding came back. I called my ob, and she asked if I was worried to which I said "it resembles what happened early on so not really". I was told to call if anything changes. Hubby got home from work at midnight and I called my ob on the 3rd at 1230am. The bleeding started to clot and get worse. I was told to go to the hospital. So away we went. While getting checked, this I remember so well, my ob said "I know why you are bleeding". Good, fix it, I thought. "You are 10 centimeters". I sat up and said "I can't be. I am only 22 weeks". They took me down to a room where two doctors came in to let me know what was going on, and to let me know that the diagnosis for me was an incompetent cervix. They also told me that during any future pregnancies I would need a cerclage. I called my mom what felt like a hundred times to let her know what was going on, they left for vacation the day before. No answer. So I called my sister who picked up right away, and got there as soon as she could (it is a long drive for her). Our sweet Emma was born right before 7am. To us she was perfect. We held her as long as we could, and I asked to go home as soon as I could.

At my follow up Dr appointment I was told we could start trying again as soon as we wanted to. So we did. And I found out we were pregnant right after my 30th birthday in January of 2017. At my first Dr appointment I asked about my diagnosis and when I would get a cerclage. I was told I will go to another doctor for that, and she will schedule that farther down the road. I ended up getting that done on Emma's first birthday at the same hospital. I felt like that would be our good luck charm. I even had the same nurse in my room. I went in a few weeks later to be checked. No changes to my cervix. Woohoo. Went back 2 weeks later and the nurse asked me to wait. My doctor came in and said the cerclage was not working. I was put on strick bedrest in hopes on getting to viability. I did not make it. About a week later I called them because I was bleeding, mothers day weekend. They kept me to watch me. My stitch was holding and they could not tell where the bleeding was coming from. I released on Monday, just to go back at 1am Tuesday because my water broke at home. My husband was at work, and did not make the birth. My sister in law had taken me, and called my mom while I went in to ED to deliver what should have been our rainbow. Ivy came quick and at just 19 weeks weighed less than a pound. 

It was then that we knew babies may not be in our future. I got a picture made showing our girls at their correct age for our christmas cards that year. I also talked with my doctor about my condition and what we could do to have a family. They suggested I get a permanent cerclage, and sent me to the only doctor in town that did it. I went and got that done. And we just wanted to heal, but God had other plans. By Christmas we knew we were pregnant again. And this time it worked. Our rainbow came a month early but is our everything, and loves looking at pics of his big sisters.

We still love and miss Emma and Ivy, and wish they could be here but God had other plans. They will always be a part of our family, and we make sure to include them in our Christmas celebrations. This year we have lots to celebrate, and one of them is our rainbow. Merry Christmas and Happy holidays from my family to yours


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