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Share Your Story Tuesday- Blakely

Our little Blakely was so wanted, so loved, and so fought for. Blakely was our 4th IVF cycle that gave us her. Our little miracle baby. The excitement and joy seeing a positive pregnancy test and a heartbeat during her ultrasounds. We never thought we would experience a pregnancy. We were over the moon! So was her big brother Braxton. We fought infertility for years. Then after lots of failure we adopted our son Braxton. We then decided to give IVF one more try and that’s when we got pregnant with her! My pregnancy went well and we celebrated each step of the way. A little over 23 weeks I went in for an appointment. My doctor couldn’t find her heartbeat. So we moved to the ultrasound room. That’s when my whole world came crashing down. The moment my heart shattered as I saw my miracle baby had no heartbeat. I remember sobbing and saying this can’t be true as my doctor held me saying he was so sorry. I delivered Blakely at 24 weeks. The room was quiet and I’ll never forget those moments. The awe of how beautiful she was, but the sadness I’ll never take her home.

I bought her a little pink gown that I would bury her in. She was so beautiful in the gown. Her life was short, but the impact she made on our lives was big. I know one day I’ll see her again in Heaven and that gives me hope. Fly high little butterfly. You are forever missed and loved!

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