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Share Your Story Tuesday- Meadow Linda Naumann

Meadow Linda Naumann born was sleeping on

1/27/18 at 30 weeks 4 days. She was our third child, we already had Fynn (7) and Charlotte (3). I had a textbook pregnancy with Meadow, never had an issue and everything was going great. On January 22, 2018 we went in for a routine check bc I had a weird feeling that my skin was tearing. They used the doppler and found her heartbeat as normal. Just to be cautious, they wanted to do an ultrasound in a few days with my normal doctor. On the morning of 1/26/18,  my Ultrasound appointment was in the morning. The ultrasound tech started the scan and I immediately felt like something was wrong. The images didnt look clear. Shortly after, the tech said, "I don't have good news guys. There's no heartbeat." and out the door she went. My husband and I were left in the room, in shock and didn't know what to do. We then spoke with the doctor and he confirmed our sweet daughter had passed. We delivered Meadow, 1/27/18.

She was 4lbs 13oz, and 17inches long. Meadow developed a rare form of down syndrome, only .5% of babies could develop this. It was not detected during my pregancy.

My husband and I are not carriers of the down syndrome gene, which makes it even more rare. We are now expecting our rainbow baby, who is due May 23.

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