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Share Your Story Tuesday- Nolan Grey McGregor

“Being Nolan’s Mommy and Daddy is the greatest job that we have ever been given. It is an honor that we were chosen for such a special and important task. Nolan is, has always been, and always will be the center of our life, like all children should be. We will endure any amount of pain and grief if it means our son doesn’t ever have to. We take comfort in knowing that all our sweet Nolan has ever felt and known is our love, warmth, and the beating of my heart…”

We hear ourselves say these words but who is saying them? This is surely not happening to us. Are we really attending a funeral for our first born child, our precious son who for years we have prayed for and hoped for? Do we actually have to live life following the worst possible tragedy that any family could ever endure?

Just two days before we painstakingly wrote those words for our son’s memorial luncheon, we silently welcomed Nolan Grey McGregor into our world and into Heaven. After 36 hours of labor, at 5:33 in the morning on a cold winter day in January, our dreams came true… just not exactly how we had anticipated. Nolan made us parents to a wonderfully special child. Not only was this the best day of our lives but it was also my thirty-third birthday. What a gift! To share such a unique connection to my son. Nolan and I will always share the same birthday and nothing can ever take that way.

Nolan is the best parts of both of us. He has Gary’s cute button nose and soft, quiet demeanor. His dark, curly hair is a testament to both of us who sport the same locks. His big, adorable feet surely came from my side of the family – making such a significant impact on our world despite its short duration. We are so in love with all 4lbs, 1oz, and 18 inches of our handsome, sweet son.

During his time in my womb, Nolan made his wonderful personality known. He loved when Mama ate ice cream and when Daddy read him his story each night before bed. Nolan tiptoed so gently and compassionately into our lives when we needed him the very most. We are so grateful for each moment we had with him and are blessed to be chosen as his parents.

Nolan was and is perfect. He lived in my womb for 37 weeks and 3 days. His precious life was untimely shortened due to a rare umbilical cord accident called an Occult Umbilical Cord Prolapse. The lifeline that was supplying our son with the crucial nutrients and oxygen to live is what ultimately led to him gaining his angel wings much sooner than we had ever thought possible. Our doctors, nurses, hospital staff, and family and friends were remarkable in our time of trial. Nolan was held with such reverence and love that we had never seen before in our lives. We were, and continue to be, so proud of him and the impact that he has had on so many.

For 365 days, we have lived everyday trying to be the best earth parents to our child in heaven. We don’t have it even remotely figured out yet. We may never be able to. But we know we won’t stop trying our best until we meet again as a whole family in Heaven.

Fear not, for I have redeemed you. I have called you by name, you are mine. You are precious and honored in my sight because I love you.  Isaiah 43

In blessed honor and loving memory of our beautiful son, our little acorn,

Nolan’s Mama and Daddy,

Keri & Gary McGregor


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1 comentário

15 de jan. de 2019

So beautifully written. Such a beautiful baby❤️ I love his name!!

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