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Share Your Story Tuesday- Nyrell

On February 27, 2018 I thought my pregnancy was going pretty well and would of never thought in a million years I would end up admitted into the hospital delivering my son 13 weeks early. It all started with a visit to L&D because I wasn’t feeling well and was afraid that I might’ve been coming down with something. The doctors started me on IV fluids, magnesium and placed on 24 hr urine collection. I was under the impression that all was well and I would be going home that following day but NOPE I ended up being admitted the next day and they wanted to start me on steroid injections. I was so anxious and scared. Every day it was a different story. But 4 days later I woke up on a emotional roller coaster. At 7am I was woken up by the nurse informing me that I was placed on NPO (nothing by mouth). I ended up going back to sleep and my doctor came in around 11am telling the nurse I shouldn’t be NPO and I needed to eat. While waiting for dietary to clear me from NPO the nurse came back and telling me not to eat because the doctor was planning to deliver my son. I was in such a panic! I remember telling everyone who would listen how I couldn’t deliver my baby at 27 weeks. I was on Spring break and had to get ready to head back to school then I started panicking about who’s going to take care of my daughter and how was my boyfriend going to manage with out me at home. But regardless of what I thought was right or wrong Nyrell was born at 4:54pm on March 31st, 2018 weighing 1lb 11.5 oz. He was proving to be a very strong little guy as he fought a very long battle against Chronic Lung Disease and Pulmonary Hypertension. Nyrell spent his whole life on a ventilator for breathing support. On July 19,2018 Nyrell received a tracheotomy. He seemed to be recovering very well from the procedure. He was managing his feeding, his blood gas were showing improvements but then out of nowhere he started having bradycardia episodes. Nyrell managed to touch so many lives in a very short time. On August 7th, 2018 at 7:26am Nyrell defeated his battle and entered the pearly gates of Heaven.

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